Artisan keycaps and displays
made in France


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About us

Atelier RnG is a French company that has been creating artisan keycaps since 2021.

Friends since childhood, we were printers and developers, and at the same time passionate about video games. For a few years, we have also been interested in customizing setups, and more particularly mechanical keyboards witch Cherry MX switchs (or clones).
The COVID-19 crisis has led us to question our respective professions. We were looking for independence and use our creativity in a common project. After a few months of tests and experiments, the results became more and more qualitative. At that time, we started posting pictures of our first keycap designs on Instagram.

First feedback

The feedback has been so positive and encouraged that we have decided to create the company Atelier RnG, which aims to produce handcrafts in a unique universe allowing you to personalize your setups, while making them more beautiful.

Why “Atelier RnG”?

Atelier means workshop in French. The word "workshop" represents art and craftsmanship. RnG refers both to a term used in the video game and to our two first names: Raph and Greg.

And now?

The success of our first sales was decisive in putting us full time on this project. France, Europe and the whole world: our creations are disseminated everywhere on Earth. We can now use our energy as well as our creativity to realize more complex and ambitious ideas.

We are constantly experimenting with new ways to customize your setups. For example, we created the clickable and artisan keycap support. This object decorates your office and sublimates the keycap associated with it. We want to expand our range of keycaps and supports, but also offer keyboard cases, keycaps sets, art toys, etc. Always in this specific universe that is unique to us.